"Do not be mistaken, Africa understands the value of peace, progress and development."

-HRM King Adamtey I

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Governance of Se

Three Royal Houses or Divisions constitute the Se Kingdom: the Lekpedje, Heomerh, and Heowe. The largest Royal House (Division) is Lekpedje, from where His Royal Majesty King Adamtey I originates. The Heowe is the smallest Royal House.

In matters of governance, the Se people are led by the standing committee which is a ruling body of the Se Traditional Council. Membership on the Se Traditional Council involves a process by which properly installed, recognized and presented to the Council which has the final authority to recommend individuals to serve. In recent years, the Suapolor has determined that queens can also be represented in select areas of the Se Traditional Council.

Each of the Royal Houses has a Paramount Chief and two senior kings who serve on the Se Traditional Council. The Suapolor and Paramount Chief are automatic members of each royal house. The Suapolor is the pathfinder and waymaker who leads the state/kingdom. His Royal Majesty Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, who was coronated in 1999, is the Suapolor of the Se Kingdom, leading his people beyond the twenty-first century into Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

All traditional groups or tribes have kings; therefore, they are part of a “Kingdom". However, culture dictates that no kingdom or group of people brought together for a common cause can separate from the nation. Therefore, Se is a kingdom within a the country of Ghana and is, therefore, considered an extension of the nation.

Se Kings

His Royal Majesty
Drolor Bosso Adamtey I,

(Pathfinder and Waymaker)

Nene Nornor Sordjee IV
Se Traditional Council Acting President

Standing Committee:
** The Se Suapolor and Se Traditional Council President are automatic members of the Standing Committee.

Other Committee Members:
Nene Akuh Djabletey VI
Nene Lartey Akoto VII
Nene Padi Narh Wayo I
Nene Tei Kwesi Agyeman V

MLA Lekpeje Division
Mla Lekpeje Matse

Nene Odeopeor Marty Kodjoe Ahwa IV
Nene Nartey Oketey (Asafoatse)
Nene Martey Mesh III (Simpin)
Nene Otsiame Kodjoe Okpodja (Delor)

Lekpejeyiti Wetso Matse

Nene Mankralo Tetteh Laminor
Nana Naki Yomo III (Queen)
Nene Tetteh Otenge IV (Saisi Asafoatse)
Nana Agungmah Bianki (Queen)
Nene Chermo Gbejentor (Asafoatse)

Lenordje Wetso Matse

Nene Nornor Sordjee IV
Nene Nartey Adaklu (Mankralo)
Nene Otutuabo Odoi Ansah Sordje III (Asafoatse)

Dodowa Wetso Matse

f Nene Narh Kuedjatey (Mankralo)
Nene Lasitse Noenor (Djaase)

Wekperti (Ayikuma) Wetso Matse

Nene Ahujaga Asafo-Adjei III
Nana Lamiedey Yemitse II (Queen)
Nene Kpabitey Osburoni (Mankralo)
Nene Kuaku Addy (Asafoatse)

Tadornya Wetso Matse

Nene Awate Bana Atrokpa I

Magbiem Westso Matse

Nene Tetteh Sasro V
Nana Ayongo III (Queen)
Nene Tetteh Kwantia (Asafoatse)
Nana Mamle Djange (Queen)

Lekpejedorm Weku Matse

Nene Martey Agidi III

Lekpejyiti Weku Matse

Nene Padi Narh Wayo I
Nana Naki Tutuaburo (Queen)

Heowe Division
Heowe/Teije Matse

Nene Nartey Daban II (Asafoatse) (Kutuwer-Doryumu)


Nene Lartey Akoto VII


Nene Tetteh Doryumu II


Nene Odoi Ansah Sordje III

Kutuwer Westso Matso

Nene Akuh Djagbletey VI
Nana Yomo Dede Djabletey (Queen)
Nene Adjanor Otumfour V (Asafoatse) (Wedokum)

Gblaka Makpeminya (Doryumu)

Nene Okleborse VIII

Gblakapiermi (Kpankpo-Dodowa)

Nene Narh Tsawe III (Simpim)

Heome Division
Mla Heome Matse

Nene Djangmah Okpotesa III (Mankralo) Nene Agotaa Wayebida I (Asafoatse)

Manya Jorpanya Wetso Matse

Nene Tei-Jahene Korabo I
Nene Djangmah Okpotesa III (Mankralo)
Nene Oklebenor Huadzi V
Nene Martey Annumah IV (Djaase)

Numersey-Dodowa Wetso Matse

Nene Tei Kwesi Agyeman V
Nene Ashiatey Tutuabreou II (Mankralo)
Nene Nuertey Lamptei I (Asafoatse)
Nene Ofosu Obi III (Djaase)

Nene Arkuh Djagbletey, VI
Kutuwer Matse
Nene Nornor Sordjee IV
Lenor Matse


Nene Padi Narh Wayo, I
Acting President
Mla Lekpeje Divisional Council